Satellite Phone Rental Terms & Conditions

SATYRICOM (hereinafter referred to as “SATYRICOM“) agrees to rent to Customer and Customer agrees to rent from SATYRICOM the mobile satellite equipment (hereinafter referred to as the “Equipment”) described above.

The term of this Agreement begins on the Effective Date, as shown above, and except as otherwise provided herein, will continue until the Equipment is returned to SATYRICOM as noted in the terms of the effective date and any return grace period.

Customer agrees to pay applicable rental charges and any other applicable fees IN ADVANCE prior to shipment to customer designated shipping address. The Customer will return the Equipment at the end of the Rental Effective Date and will pay an equivalent daily rental rate based on the applicable rental rates for any time after the Effective Date. Until SATYRICOM receives the returned Equipment, the Customer shall remain bound by the obligations of this agreement.

SATYRICOM shall use the supplied credit card information as a reserve to be used in the event that additional charges are incurred.

Customer shall be responsible for obtaining any license, permit or permission from any governmental or regulatory agency which may be necessary for or imposed upon the operation of the Equipment. The Customer will exercise due care with the Equipment and will permit only qualified personnel to use and operate the Equipment. Customer will not use or operate the Equipment in any illegal manner or for any illegal purpose nor in violation of any law ordinance or regulation.

Customer acknowledges that SATYRICOM is and shall remain the owner of the Equipment (unless Customer subsequently purchases the Equipment from SATYRICOM). Customer will protect SATYRICOM‘s ownership rights against claims, liens and other encumbrances by Customer’s creditors or other claimants against Customer. Customer will not remove, obliterate or obscure markings which identify SATYRICOM as owner of the Equipment.

SATYRICOM does not insure the Equipment during the period it is rented to the Customer. The Customer may elect to obtain, at his/her expense, insurance covering the Equipment during the term of the rental.

Customer will bear responsibility for all malfunctions, failures, damage to or loss of Equipment, except to manufacturing defects and normal wear and tear. The following charges (plus VAT) will be deducted from the Customer’s deposit if the satellite phone and/or accessories are lost, stolen or returned damaged:

  • Lost or stolen Equipment: 300EUR (*IsatPhone Pro/EUR500 ; Iridium and Thuraya)/850EUR
  • Lost, stolen or damaged mains charger: EUR50 (any country)
  • Lost, stolen or damaged car charger:EUR50
  • Lost, stolen or damaged leather case: EUR50
  • Lost, stolen or damaged data kit: EUR50
  • Lost, stolen or damaged external antenna/adapter: EUR50
  • Lost, stolen or damaged hands-free kit: EUR50
  • Lost, stolen or damaged spare battery: EUR50
  • Lost, stolen or damaged solar charger: EUR250

 SATYRICOM shall not be liable for acts or omissions of other carriers, Equipment failures or modifications, acts of God, strikes, government actions, or causes beyond our reasonable control. SATYRICOM shall not be liable to its customer or any third party for any special, incidental, or consequential damages and SATYRICOM is specifically released from any such damages by Customer. Any liability of SATYRICOM for damages arising directly or indirectly from the performance of the agreement shall be expressly limited to the purchase price of the goods or services with respect to which damages are claimed.

The Customer agrees to protect, indemnify and hold harmless SATYRICOM from and against all claims, damages and costs including legal expenses arising out of the Customer’s use of this Equipment.

This agreement and the rights and obligations created hereunder shall not be reassigned by the Customer without the prior written consent of SATYRICOM.

No credit will be granted for unused airtime or early return of Equipment.

The Customer will not divert export or re-export the Equipment to any country contrary to Republic of Ireland export laws.

In no event will SATYRCOM be liable for any damages, expenses or other payments made by the customer as a result of any delay in the delivery of any Equipment or any delay in the performance of any maintenance.

Customer understands that under certain conditions they may experience sporadic signal strength and dropped calls. In these cases the Customer understands they will not be issued a credit. Customer understands for the phone to function you must be outdoors away from large structures and trees with an 80% view of the sky. On a cruise ship the phone may not function properly on a balcony. Furthermore, the Customer confirms that they have checked the service provider’s coverage map to ensure that there is coverage in the location where the phone will be used.

Customer will return the Equipment to SATYRICOM using an insured postal service, such as An Post Special Delivery, and SATYRICOM cannot be held responsible for items lost in transit, other than when dispatching Equipment to the Customer.

SATYRICOM will test the phone before dispatch to the Customer and will ensure that is in good working order and condition when it is delivered. The Customer will inform SATYRICOM immediately upon discovering any immediate or subsequent faults with the Equipment.

SATYRICOM will impose a late return charge of EUR15 per day for Equipment not returned within 3 days of the Rental End Date specified by the Customer in this Agreement.