If you need to use a satellite phone or a satellite communication messenger for a short period of time and dont want to buy,our rental service is perfect for you.

With a minimun term of just 7 days and prices from 7EUR per day,our satellite communication devices on rental service offers a cost-effective solution to your remote communication requirements.

Please note that all satellite phones require a 150eur deposit*
For immediate rentals please write or call us before placing your order.
Email sales(at)


We offer pay as you go and monthly contacts for Inmarsat,Iridium and Thuraya.

Please contact us to find a package to suit your needs
Email sales(at)


After placing your order we can activate your SIM card and follow up with you by email or phone.
Activation process can take between 3-5 working days.
Please contact us for further information
Email sales(at)