TK-Star Pet Tracker

TK-STAR Pet Tracker can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS or internet. The device is compatible on existing GSM/GPRS network.TK-Star Pet Tracker enjoys a standby time of 26-400 hours and it will take up to approx-5-6 hours for the GPS tracker to charge full.TK-Star GPS Pet Tracker is waterproof protected and is compatible just with a standard 2G/3G SIM card.




  • Turn on the units outdoors by pressing the on/off button until the indicator is on.4
  • Within one minute the unit will begin to acquire GSM&GPS signals. The indicator will keep flashing every 3 seconds where the units has received signals (Please note GPS Signals can only be received when outdoors)
  • Once units receives GSM signals (GREEN LED signal) you can send the unit commands.
  • For first use, please initiate the unit and restore to its default settings by using reboot command



  • Call the SIM card phone-number that is inside the device by using your mobile number.
  • You will receive a Google maps link by SMS to your mobile phone number.
  • Click on the Google maps link. This will open the GPS position on Google maps.
  • Please note that you must have credit on the GPS SIM card in order to receive the Google maps link.



1.Google maps link: This is the link to the Google maps, showing the position of the tracker unit. When you click the link if a map is displayed there is GPS information for the unit. If there is no map displayed then there is no GPS signal.

2. V: A/V: Indicates GPS signal.

  • i. V:A indicates there´s a GS signal
  • ii. V:V indicated there is no GPS tracker

3. 2014-07-29 06:41:43: The date and time stamp when unit last received a GPS signal.

4. S: 007Km/h: This indicates the last known speed of the unit.

5. Bat: 80%– The approximate amount of battery charge remaining. The value is between 5% and 100%: with 100% being fully charged.

6. 41091125346: The IMEI code of tracker device. The number is used for tracking website and the app.



  • You must send the GPRS MODE ON command to the device, before you can start tracking.
  • In order to use the free online and mobile app tracking service, you must first set up the APN for the device.
  • Depending on the SIM card you care using all have different APN setting



  • Log in on-line at: ,click on the IMEI No. section.
  • The IMEI no can be found on the back of the GPS device
  • Once logged in you can edit the following:
    6a. Monitor the GPS device
    b. Track GPS device
    c. Playback up to one year of tracking data
    d. Set up Geo Fence alert
    e. View tracking statistics
    f. Print tracking reports
    g. Change password
    h. Other features apply



You must send the GPRS MODE ON command to the device before you can start tracking

Download app for IOS devices below: APP_st

Download app for Android devices below: APP_play

  • Once you have downloaded the app to your smartphone, log into the GPS tracking app by using the License Plate system using your password and IMEI number.
  • Once logged in you can chose the real TIME tracking option.



  • The tracker is using a SIM card which you can top up via the network provider.
  • Depending on the network provider, SMS reports starts from 9p per SMS. Prices may vary depending on the network!
  • The Android/IOS mobile applications provide real time tracking
  • You can check view back up to one year of tracking data using the online tracking site
  • The GPS is supplied with a UK power adapter only comes with a one year RTB warranty.
  • You can charge GPS off a Micro USB in-car charge. This is not supplied with the GPS!